Characteristics of our consulting clients

Any company on the client base of a medium to large size central business district accounting or law firm is, almost by definition, of a size sufficient to benefit significantly from the financial risk management expertise we have to offer.

The following "four triggers" (identified by the following capitalised words) could act as a "prompt" to help specify clients for whom our expertise will prove invaluable:

  • borrowers and investors who have INTEREST RATE RISKS
  • importers and exporters who have EXCHANGE RATE RISKS
  • commodity producers and users who have COMMODITY PRICE RISKS
  • equities investors who have EQUITY PRICE RISKS.
These four groups often - regardless of financial success derived from their core commercial activities - have financial behaviour driven by FUD.

Consequently, they may well be in need of an appropriate financial risk management policy.

Here is a summary of the various financial risk exposure scenarios (35K) to which our clients could be subject.


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