Why attend Oakbridge's workshops?

At the broadest corporate or institutional level:

train today for tomorrow's profit

At the operational level:

increase product knowledge

and thereby facilitate:

  • increased sales
  • increased profitability
  • increased staff performance and satisfaction.

At the senior executive level:

overcome FUD

If you are not familiar with "FUD", it stands for:

  • FEAR

Oakbridge financial training workshops dispel FUD and position senior finance executives to:

understand otherwise complex financial products.

In understanding otherwise complex financial products, Oakbridge financial training workshops provide factual information that explains how to:

  • use financial products appropriately
  • assess the risks attaching to financial products
  • oversee the operations of financial product dealers so as to minimise the potential for unforeseen losses.

Our financial training workshops offer:

  • comprehensive coverage of treasury products and financial risk management
  • workshops orientated towards the practical application of treasury products
  • technical excellence in presentation
  • small group workshops to maximise the learning experience.

Participate in the Oakbridge financial training experience and reap the benefits in terms of:

increased productivity




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