About Oakbridge

The Oakbridge Group has been established specifically to provide factual information in the context of highly professional financial risk management advice and training courses for both corporations and financial institutions. Our major activity is the provision of workshops in various areas of financial risk management and financial markets transactions. A standard workshop is of two or three days duration (depending upon the particular subject area).

The aim of our workshops is to provide participants, however experienced, with a rigorous, yet easily comprehended, presentation of risk management and financial markets principles. Participants will be provided with the confidence to not only manage financial risk, but also to feel at ease with market terminology and jargon. Even for experienced finance practitioners, the Oakbridge approach strips away the mystique of financial markets and offers general explanations in terms of surprisingly simple general principles.

A typical standard workshop would entail a small group of finance executives from various institutions and corporations completing a series of carefully structured case studies which accurately portray situations confronting corporate treasurers and bankers in their day-to-day working lives. Workshop participants address various case studies in a relaxed, interactive fashion. There is every opportunity to raise questions and provoke discussion throughout the entire workshop.

In addition to standard workshops, we also offer specially customised in-house workshops. The advantage to the client is that these workshops can be tailored with respect to content, duration and timing. Tailored senior executive overview presentations have proven particularly successful.

No particular background is required of workshop participants as all workshop material is entirely self-contained.

Closely associated with our workshops is our consulting practice, which applies the proven, technically sound workshop principles to actual client corporate financial governance or financial risk management problems.

Our workshops and consulting advice together provide the Oakbridge competitive edge - those distinctive qualities that have contributed to our international success. The Oakbridge approach to client service is summarised here (36K).

Here is an Oakbridge professional services profile in PowerPoint presentation format (1.2 MB).


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