Who Should Attend Oakbridge's Workshops?

Those individuals and organisations who would particularly benefit from our workshops include the following.

Bankers and financial institutions personnel

  • financial markets risk managers
  • corporate financial markets advisory staff in dealing rooms
  • account officers (who must be competent to speak to corporate clients in an authoritative manner on financial transactions)
  • relatively inexperienced university graduates in the process of acquiring a practical grounding in the workings of financial markets

Company directors

  • responsible for establishing an appropriate financial corporate governance program
  • must have the requisite technical competence to understand the characteristics of financial markets transactions (and particularly the risk implications of financial derivatives) dealt in their company's name
  • in anticipation of potential financial "ugly incidents", must be competent to "ask the right questions" of corporate financial personnel

Corporate treasury personnel who must be able to:

  • identify and use appropriate financial transactions
  • manage financial risks related to volatile interest and exchange rates, and commodity and equities prices
  • understand the interactions, in a financial risk management context, between "physical" (or cash) markets and the various linked markets for derivative products


  • understand financial markets terminology and jargon
  • understand the structuring and pricing of market transactions so as to be able to frame legal agreements which fully encompass the needs of clients having financial markets risks

Accountants and auditors

  • understand the structuring and pricing of market transactions so as to be able to make informed judgments as to clients' financial markets activities, particularly with respect to auditing financial markets transactions

Government regulators

  • particularly central bankers and government Treasury or Finance personnel who must thoroughly understand market transactions and practices in order to be able to frame appropriate legislation and regulations

Professional associations

  • wishing to assist in, and/or responsible for, the professional development of their members in areas directly or indirectly related to financial management.


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