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The Oakbridge mission is to satisfy clients' needs by providing value adding factual information in the context of financial training and consulting. Our solutions to client problems are focused on practicality and profit and are of the highest professional quality.

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Other Oakbridge companies

Oakbridge IT Limited provides digitally-based communications solutions for companies and individuals. These solutions:

  • focus upon standards-based communications protocols
  • facilitate avoiding the non-competitively based pricing and practices of traditional "copper wire" telecommunications service providers.

Finance International Limited specialises in providing:

  • student coaching and academic development in the areas of finance and economics
  • high quality professional composition, editing and production services in technical areas of finance and economics.

Oakbridge Financial Consulting Group Limited provides support services to all companies in the Oakbridge Group in their various international locations.


If you have any enquiries or comments, please email Andrew Morley (US and UK) or Graham Peterson (Asia-Pacific), or telephone:

  • + 1 646 389 1132 (New York)
  • + 44 20 3129 2114 (London)
  • + 61 2 9904 1600 (Sydney)

or, if you have Skype installed on your computer, click the green button below to call oakbridgelimited on Skype immediately:

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  • sip:1292114@localphone.com

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  • *8358 129 2114

SIP-only calls to the above URIs or numbers should always be free calls from anywhere in the world.

International Advisory Board

We have the benefit of the counsel of a group of distinguished individuals who are drawn from business, finance, banking and economics around the world. This group, who comprise our International Advisory Board, while having no operational role in Oakbridge's management and no formal Oakbridge legal directors' responsibilities, are available to provide valuable insights into both broad international financial issues and particular business and financial conditions in the various regions in which they reside.

We are proud to acknowledge the members of our International Advisory Board, and note their brief respective backgrounds and contact details.

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