The Finance International mission is to satisfy clients' needs by providing student coaching and academic development services, professional editorial assistance and value adding factual information in the context of financial training and consulting.
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Please review the services we offer and contact us at any of our points of contact noted below if we can be of assistance to you.

Student coaching and academic development

Finance International specialises in the academic development of students studying in the broad areas of finance, economics and business at the undergraduate and postgraduate (particularly Masters and MBA degrees) levels.

We can help you:

  • understand lectures, assignments and examinations
  • write academically
  • cope with university life.

Our specialist areas of coaching are:

  • microeconomics
  • macreconomics
  • finance
  • financial markets and financial derivatives
  • quantitative and mathematical economics
  • pure mathematics
  • statistical theory and business statistics.

We understand the particular needs of all students (and, in particular, students having other than English as a first language), and help them to grasp core technical concepts and present those concepts successfully, both in presentations and in formal written academic English.

Editorial services

Finance International can also provide expert editorial help in these areas:

  • microeconomics
  • macreconomics
  • finance
  • financial markets
  • quantitative and mathematical economics
  • pure mathematics
  • statistical theory and applications.

Finance International's editorial expertise can be combined with our highly proficient desktop publishing capabilities to produce top quality written:

  • assignments
  • research reports
  • reference notes
  • projects
  • virtually any kind of formal written brief.

    All of the above documents can be delivered electronically to any email address in the world.

    Finance International's technical experts' proficiency in formal English can be particularly employed in the academic area to provide assistance to those individuals not having English as a first language.

    Specific enquiries can be directed to Finance International's Director, Graham Peterson. If using the SIP VoIP protocol and direct SIP URI dialling, call either URI below:


    If SIP-only, this should be a free call from anywhere in the world.

    General email addresses and various contact telephone numbers are noted in the green banner below.

    Financial training and consulting

    Finance International is a licensed provider of a range of financial markets workshops that provide independent, high quality factual information on the functioning of international financial markets and the use of a wide variety of fundamental and derivative financial instruments that can be used to manage financial risks.

    A major factor in the success of the workshops offered by Finance International is the workshops' use of a highly effective and innovative teaching technique that describes flows of domestic and foreign currencies respectively in terms of different colour-coded magnetic arrows.

    These workshops and associated financial consulting services are comprehensively detailed on the Web site of Finance International's parent company, Oakbridge Limited.

    Online payments

    If making a secure online payment to Finance International, click the globe below.

    (Your payment will be processed by Oakbridge Limited on behalf of Finance International.)

    +1 646 389 1132 (New York) +44 20 3129 9164 (London) +61 2 9904 1600 (Sydney) +61 2 9904 1600 (Sydney)

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