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The Oakbridge IT mission is to satisfy clients' needs by providing factual information on implementing and using the most efficient digitally-based communications systems. Our solutions to questions raised by clients are focused on practicality, cost minimization and attaining the highest professional standards.

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Oakbridge IT Limited, a subsidiary of the international financial risk management consultancy Oakbridge Limited, is a consulting company focused upon providing digitally-based communications solutions for companies and individuals. These solutions typically focus upon standards-based communications protocols that facilitate avoiding the non-competitively based pricing and practices of traditional "copper wire" telecommunications service providers - generally to the significant benefit of the service user!

Oakbridge IT's philosophical and practical approach to the contemporary communications needs of corporations and individuals is articulated in the seminar "Communications in the 21st Century" that is described below.

Seminar: "Communications in the 21st Century: What the Traditional Telcos Will Never Tell You"

This is a non-technical seminar that reveals how the application of digitally-based communications technology has the potential to provide individuals and companies with significant savings when compared to those charges long imposed by traditional telephone companies.

What is revealed in the seminar can be applied immediately by any individual or company to improve their communications quality AND save money. The savings thereby made have the potential to “repay” the cost of the seminar many times over. Attendees will gain insights into how to acquire a broad range of high quality telecommunications services and, in so doing, free themselves from the essentially non-competitively based pricing of traditional telephone companies.

A range of communications suppliers will be revealed whose existence may otherwise never have been realised. Using the power of the Internet, it will be shown how users of communications services can choose their own service suppliers without regard to national boundaries. Restrictive service supply contracts can then be made a thing of the past.

Learn how to choose from many communications service providers where your choice is simply based upon quality of service and price!

Seminar Content

A quick review of the past: communications dinosaurs are not yet dead

Newly evolved species of communications providers:

  • who are they?
  • the role of the Internet

How you can utilise the new providers’ services

  • what everyone who communicates with others can do in the 21st century that was impractical in the 20th century
  • the simple prerequisites to be a player and attain the benefits of the game

A little technical background – essentially simple, but often not well understood

  • Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)
  • using proprietary VoIP or standards-based VoIP? Their benefits and drawbacks.
  • how to get the best of all worlds

All you need to avoid using the traditional telcos

More convenient use of the new technology: optional hardware

Extending implementation of the new technology

  • a new species of private branch exchange (PBX)
  • make your own PBX – for free
  • using provided PBX solutions: hosted or premise-based?
  • hardware considerations: know the right questions to ask
  • VoIP over mobile

Want video and data as part of the new communications package?

  • not a problem – and any additional costs are minimal!

Conclusion: the next steps into an exciting new communications world where…

  • the dinosaurs face extinction
  • competition reigns
  • consumers have genuine choice
  • high quality digital standards prevail
  • and prices come down.


If you have any general enquiries or comments, please email us. Particular enquiries can be directed to Andrew Morley (US and UK) or Graham Peterson (Asia-Pacific), or you can telephone:

  • + 1 408 634 3023 (Cupertino)
  • + 1 415 685 3313 (San Francisco)
  • + 1 202 670 7592 (Washington DC)
  • + 44 20 3129 2114 (London)

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