Specialist consulting services

Our specialist consulting services, which are often sought as a consequence of attendance at our financial training workshops, include:

  • identifying areas where corporations and/or financial institutions are exposed to financial risk
  • financial risk management policy formulation and implementation
  • reviews of existing risk management policies as part of, or prior to, audit assessments. In particular, scrutinising existing policies for potential flaws.
  • advice, in a risk management context, on use of appropriate fundamental and derivative financial instruments in financial markets in accordance with policy guidelines. Financial derivatives selected may include forward rate agreements, swaps, futures and options.
  • specialist technical financial risk management advice (particularly exchange rate and interest rate risk management respectively)
  • broad strategic financial markets trading advice.

We is able to provide a client company with a "comfortable" financial risk management structure that then facilitates concentration on the company's mainstream commercial activities.

Specifically, we have much to offer otherwise commercially successful companies who are financially risk averse, but who may be inexperienced in financial risk management. This is particularly the case with those companies involved in international trade (importers and exporters) that are of a relatively small size and do not have a specialist corporate treasurer.

Oakbridge also develops and presents practically oriented, customised financial training workshops that demonstrate the principles by which international financial markets function.

These workshops (often variants of "standard" Oakbridge workshops) explain otherwise highly technical issues (which are often shrouded in unwarranted mystique) in clear, simple terms.

Our workshops have been enthusiastically received internationally by central and commercial bankers, corporate treasurers, accountants and lawyers.

Customised in-house Oakbridge workshops have proven particularly successful in demonstrating to senior corporate executives (never themselves day-to-day financial risk managers) the importance of sound financial risk management in generating acceptable financial results for their corporations.

An important benefit derived from attendance at these in-house workshops is that executive attendees are then "armed" with the factual information that then equips them to ask the right financial risk management questions of their treasury/financial management staff.

The crucial importance of using appropriate limits and authorities to control dealing staff is also carefully explained in order that conditions leading to financial markets dealing outside policy guidelines can be avoided.

Oakbridge's Principal Consultant and workshop presenter, John R. Rush, is a recognised writer and speaker on international financial markets, particularly in the areas of explaining:
  • otherwise complex financial transactions and structures
  • government, central bank and corporate responses to volatile financial markets movements.

Rush is also a recognised expert witness in financial markets litigation. For an example of the value of his evidentiary expertise to a Court in a complex legal matter, go here.

He is also available as a conference or seminar speaker. DVDs and videotapes of his presentations are available on request. Just contact us and ask!


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